In Ethiopia the Nile is called Abay

The falls near Lake Tana are the iconic image of the Nile in Ethiopia

Capturing Ethiopia
Egyptian photojournalist Roger Anis travels upstream to document life in Ethiopia.

People watching TV in a café in rural Ethiopia

Singing the dam
The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has changed the way Ethiopians think about the Nile river

TV in Ethiopia is controlled by the state owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

Genealogy of a hashtag

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is under construction.

What happens when water journalists meet researchers?


The Niles
An international family in the newsroom
Nile Wetlands Blues
Watching birds and listening to fishermen connecting the river with lakes and wetlands

The High Aswan Dam

Maspero building is the headquarter of the Egyptian Television and Radio Union, right on the bank of the Nile.

Social media have been described has a key factor to trigger the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. Nowadays what is left of that legacy?

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