The state owned Ethiopian Sugar Corporation is creating a 70.000 hectares sugar plantation. The scheme extends across the Amhara and Benishangul regions and it is irrigated with water taken from the Beles river, a tributary of the Blue Nile.

Dawit, the engineer
Working in the sugar project is an important step in his professional career.

Ongoing works to expand the irrigation scheme

Aynalem, Sugar scheme labourer
After graduation she moved to Beles in search for a job

A truck brings the labourers to work

Bizuayehu, Sugar scheme labourer
With the salary she earned she is now independent and she has plans for a better future for her family. However, her brother's experience differs.

A new asphalt road under construction

Hillina, coffee house owner
Hillina runs a coffee house in Fendika town. People working in the sugar project are her main customers.
Yessalam, Cart owner
After his land was taken by the Sugar Project, Yesalam started a new job

Regulator in the main canal

Kasahun, Farmer
The land he received as replacement is too far away. So Babaye migrates seasonally to another region to farm his uncle's land.
Alemitu, Farmer
When her husband moved to Benishangul region in search for land, Alemitu had to embark on new activities.
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