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Research at Waha was carried out between March 2015 and September 2016 by researchers from University of Khartoum, Afad University, Gender Center for Training and Research, Hydraulics Research Center Sudan, UNESCO-IHE, IWMI, University of Amsterdam and a researcher from ‘El Madhi’. All names of persons, places and companies used are pseudonyms.

For research presented on the NileWaterlab for this case we draw from:
· 67 reports of open ended interviews – most of which with field observations –  with people who live(d) around, work(ed) in or invest(ed) in Waha, government officials.



· A Biomass growth/ET Remote sensing analysis using SEBAL for the years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016
· A survey which focused on investment in agriculture around Waha and gender (N= 33)
· An analysis of the political economy of production at Waha vis a vis the grain market
· Archival research about Waha and the Sudanese Grain market
· More than 1500 photos made by members of the research team unless indicated otherwise.
· 26 drawings based on a selection of the 1500 photographs

For more information about this case please contact: Hermen Smit

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