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A podcast about media, science and water diplomacy in the Nile basin. Join us in exploring the role that media and scientific communication play in shaping transboundary conflicts and cooperation. Every month we will talk to journalists and researchers from different Nile countries to discuss the media coverage of hot topics like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. This podcast is an initiative of the project Open Water Diplomacy. Media, science and transboundary cooperation in the Nile basin and it is hosted by Emanuele Fantini.

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Nile Day: what Egypt should celebrate

February 22 is Nile Day! We talk about media, science and Nile politics in Egypt with  Rawia Tawfiq, political scientist at Cairo University, and Ayah Aman, journalist at Al Shorouk newspaper. Amidst many concerns for the Egyptian share of the Nile, they also point at positive steps that should be supported and celebrated.

An emotional dam?

We are joined by Iginio Gagliardone and Wondwosen Michago Seide to discuss the role that media and emotions play in framing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a symbol of unity and development for Ethiopia.

The art and science of water diplomacy

In this episode we talk with Zaki Shubber about what is water diplomacy and with Yasir Mohamed about the role that science could play in Nile hydropolitics.