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A podcast about media, science and water diplomacy in the Nile basin. Join us in exploring the role that media and scientific communication play in shaping transboundary conflicts and cooperation. Every month we will talk to journalists and researchers from different Nile countries to discuss the media coverage of hot topics like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. This podcast is an initiative of the project Open Water Diplomacy. Media, science and transboundary cooperation in the Nile basin and it is hosted by Emanuele Fantini.

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Sounds of the Nile

Songs play a key role in reproducing Nile stories. Can music promote also dialogue and shared identities along the river? With Alia Mossallam, Egyptian researcher affiliated to the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation at the Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin, and Mina Girgis, ethnomusicologist and founder of The Nile Project.

A water war on the Nile?

How do international media and observers talk about the Nile? With Ana Cascao, independent researcher, and Alastair Leithead, BBC Africa correspondent, we question if the “water war” frame is the most appropriate to represent what is happening in the Nile basin.

Sudan: : caught in between

This episode was recorded in Khartoum, where we met, among many others, Tamer Abd Alkreem, anthropologist at the University of Khartoum, and Omnia Shawkat, co-funder of the Sudanese digital magazine Andarya. They talk about the plurality of identities shaped by the Nile in Sudan, the competing interests that people have on the river, and how they are represented in the media.

Lights, Camera, Action...Nile Cinema!

Toghether with Linda Lilienfeld, director of the film festival Let’s talk about water, and Terje Tvedt, historian and filmmaker from the University of Oslo and Bergen, we discover the power of the video to make us looking at the Nile from new perspectives.