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To understand how and for whom particular projects of modern securitization of the Nile were a success, this tour provides a history of how modern water security materialized through large scale hydraulic engineering.The tour shows how successive waves of Nile development projects in the name of water security created a particular trajectory of Nile development. Three waves of massive investment in modern hydraulic development over the past two centuries each sought to organize water at a particular scale and thus produced the very uneven distributions of water and labour that came to undermine the imperial, national and global models for water security in which name they were instilled.

As we can witness on the Nile today, the old dams and bureaucracies have not been simply removed. Tracing carefully what happens to old infrastructure as the modernization of the river progresses, the tourĀ  examines how subsequent modern development projects have changed the river, and how water security has shifted along the way.

The tour analyses how the three waves of hydraulic construction rearranged relations between investors, states and associations of water users along the Nile.

Bringing into conversation the modern calculations of water security that were mobilized to arrange control over land, water and people with accounts of specific changes in the forms and meanings of the Nile, this tour through time explores how each wave produced its own Nile calculations and ecohistorical limits. By tracing how each wave of development thus posed material conditions for subsequent hydraulic projects, this Dam tour provides a historical and material basis for getting a grip on the possibilities for rearranging the Nile today.

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